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Are you an individual who…

…wants to get involved in THP’s work?

Become an active member!

The annual fee to become an active member is based on a pay-what-you-can starting at 0SEK.

Becoming an active member gives you a couple of advantages:

  • work with us on our goals by attending meetings, having access to our working discord, and voting during decision making
  • participate in our events
  • goodies (pins, stickers, & more!)

To become a member, just email us at, and mention you want to become an active member!

We’ll answer as soon as possible & invite you to a welcome meeting to go over the organization’s functioning & answer any additional questions you would have.

just wants to support us?

Become a community member!

There is no fee to become a community member, though you can of course donate any amount at any time!

Becoming a community member gives you a couple of advantages:

  • come to our events
  • follow & share our work through our social media
  • access to our community discord (coming soon!)

To become a community member, no need to email! Follow our social media to keep up with our events.

Are you an organization? Become a support member!

The annual fee to become a support member depends on the size of the organization.

Becoming a support member gives your organization a couple of advantages:

  • goodies to hand out (pins, posters, stickers & more!)
  • a contact network
  • education & outreach through conferences, courses, & more!

Send an email to us at for more information!