Who We Are



We are a membership-based community platform that aims to build coalitions with others who agree that the system needs to change.

You can be a part of our community through social media, by participating in our discussion forums, or by emailing us to become a member.

Photography of people at a protest holding signs which say: "Vi kan inte vänta 5 år!" [We cannot wait 5 years!], "Save trans kids", "Lika vård för alla" [equal care for all], "Trans liberation"
Photo: Vilgot Karlsson

The Board

The present board consists of 6 elected people from the trans, non-binary & queer community, working together with the rest of the organization to make sure all our decisions, actions, and stands work towards our three goals.

The Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors, or our BOA as we like to call it, is made up of elected people whose experience, knowledge, or expertise is precious in helping us stay on course.

The list of members of the BOA will be updated regularly & available on this page.